Thursday, 8 November 2012

Well worth a book!

Last weekend NX News' Christmas Catalogue landed on our doormat. We love giving (and receiving! hint! hint!) good books at Christmas so we had a look through to see if there were any books we fancied.

There was so much choice...The John Lennon Letters (with a very tempting £5 off), Duran Duran's John Taylor's In The Pleasure Groove (big crush on him in the 80s!) and Hollywood Costume (gorgeous pictures) would definitely be on the top of our Christmas pressie list.

Manish who owns NX News explained to us how you can order books via their online ordering service.

"People can order online from and can follow the link provided on that site. From there they will be redirected to a hive website where they can search and order books. If the customer gets the delivery sent to their home there is a delivery price unless if their order is over a specific amount, but delivery to my shop where they can then collect it will be free of charge whatever the book."

We also asked Manish for his top tips for Christmas...."We have signed copies of Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper which can be a bestseller if word is spread." 

Sounds like a right riveting read, it was recently described by the Marie Claire Good Book Club as "an evocative tale of wartime secrets and family loyalty...the story unfurls with a beguiling sweetness, but there's a real sting to this tale, too".

And for all those 50 Shades of Grey fans out there Manesh recommended new author Sylvia Day's Reflected in's currently being devoured (yes...literally!) up and down the country.

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