Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's a long way to Tipperary!

When welovebearwood found out that Warley Woods'fundraiser this year is to collectively walk/run/crawl/stagger the 340 odd miles from Bearwood to Tipperary we wanted to find out more.

Viv Cole, Warley Woods Trust Manager told us "This will be our third Walk for the Woods this year – our annual fundraiser and we are trying to make it a little different.

As Saturday 17th March is also St Patrick’s Day we have set ourselves the collective challenge to walk or run the Long Long 260 miles from Warley Woods to Tipperary.

We’d love to beat last year’s fundraising total of £1,805 plus gift aid. So please come and walk, or sponsor someone else. Dress up, wear something green (or both) or come in a group whatever makes it fun for you.

There is a new route for 2012, an exclusive badge for everyone who takes part and a prize draw for every fundraiser who raises over £50, £100 and £300. It is a Long Long Way to Tipperary – so we need all the help we can get!

Sponsor forms and continuation sheets are available on our downloads page or follow the link here. Every penny raised goes towards funding the maintenance of our lovely site or supporting our events and activities.

If you can’t walk on the day, then what about sponsoring Viv Cole, the Trust Manager who will be walking dressed as Scooby Doo.

Pet dogs are welcome but need to be on a lead. Donations can be made through the Trust’s online shop and just drop Viv an email to say that the donation is sponsorship trustmanager@warleywoods.org.uk

Thanks for your support."

Friday, 24 February 2012

Warley Eats!

Kath, the hostess of Just Jewellery parties, contacted welovebearwood to tell us that she wanted to spread the word about one of her Bearwood All-Stars...Warley Meats.

Kath tells us why....
“One of my favourite places in Bearwood is the butchers Warley Meats, over the other side of the woods by the Pheasant pub.

There are two butchers in there called Mick (the owner) and Ray, they have been there for 30 years and without fail everytime you go in people are laughing while waiting to be served.

Both of them are like a comedy duo, I have noticed how many men are in the queue and I'm sure they go instead of their wives just to listen to the jokes that they tell and talk about football.

I always feel happy when I come out of the shop and go there sometimes just for a pick me up.

Oh and by the way you won’t find quality meat like they serve anywhere else locally.

A happy customer.”

We’ve just created a new page on the welovebearwood blog called ‘Eat’! Bearwood has more than its fair share of yummy places to eat and to buy food from so we've decided to compile a list of the very best and that’s where we need your help.

Please send us your suggestions, comments and reviews and we’ll make sure they’re included in our Eat directory. My tummy’s rumbling just thinking about it!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pete Williams @ The Glee Club, Tuesday 21st February

Why does a guy (and a fellow Bearwoodian as well)with so much obvious talent take so long (30 odd years) to record and release his debut solo album eh? Life, with all of its varied ups, downs and side to sides seems to be the culprit. The benefit of waiting three decades or so is clear when you listen to the songs though. Here’s a man who’s been through the mill a bit, personally and professionally, giving the songs on his awesome debut album, See, and tonight’s performance the kind of emotional depth that just can’t be faked.

That voice is equally rich and, if there’s a hint of Kevin Rowland there that’s not really a surprise, I’m guessing the two of them influenced each other back in the day. You can’t ignore the Dexy’s influence of course, and why should you? Pete was clearly a key member of the original line up and he played an even bigger role in the band’s 2003 comeback tour (he’s poised to do the same in the latest incarnation of Dexys). The passion, emotion and soul that made that band so great burns every bit as brightly in Williams.

Predictably the gig had sold out. It deserved to. I was expecting great things from the show but from the opening bars of Reconsider This I found myself mouthing a silent “wow” to no one in particular. Backed by a band of equally accomplished musicians (including members of both Richard Hawley and Imelda May’s bands) Williams and co unveiled the fruits of their labours. From the regret laden Reconsider This through to the organ driven soul shuffle of Questions and on to the last chance saloon anthem Until We Empty Off This Bottle (with echoes of the great Jacque Brel’s Ne Me Quitte Pas) it was a frequently emotionally raw soundtrack to life and all its battles. Highlights popped up behind every note but the jazz tinged Are You Listening? a son’s acknowledgment of his dad’s influence on his life, achieved that rare trick of being genuinely touching without descending into schmaltz. That’s a skill few writers or performers possess. There’s a touch of the classic torch singer to Pete’s performance, that expressive total commitment to the moment, and watching it you could almost see 30 years of pent up frustration fly out of him. He’s been sitting on these songs for so long that every word fizzes like a newly poured glass of Champagne, oh alright then, given the down at heel feel of much of the material maybe Cava’s a better bet. You get the point though. I’ve seen performers half Pete’s age struggle to muster such passion out of their songs and this from a dude who has every right to be more than a little jaded with the whole shitty music biz. This gig and the album it showcased revealed a seriously great artist who’s been living in the shadows for far too long. With Dexys gearing up for the biggest come back since Lazarus it would be a real shame if we had to wait another 30 years for the next instalment.

Believe the hype. See Pete live in Sheffield (28th February), Manchester (29th February) and at the Hare & Hounds on Friday 13th April.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Buy Bearwood or Bearwood bye...

Welovebearwood think it’s great that Bearwood’s putting an application together for the Portas Pilot Funding Scheme. £80k could make a big difference to our High Street.

We’d love to see the money go towards trees along the High Street (maybe even its partial pedestrianisation too), more cafes, pop up shops, a new market (the existing one is a little ‘tired’)...yes, it’s a lot to ask for from the £80k but it’s a start.

What we mustn’t forget though is that Bearwood already has some great shops and it’s up to all of us to support them by trying to shop local. We’re 100% behind Melanie Martin’s 4 week shopping in Bearwood challenge on Facebook too. Why don’t you give it a try too and let us know which shop is your Bearwood All-Star is.

If you’re a regular reader of welovebearwood you’ll know that one of our favourite shops is Webb’s of Bearwood. If you want to buy some new plants, bird seed or a pressie for Mother’s Day why bother going anywhere else? Webb’s has been in Bearwood for over 90 years now so to make sure they’ll around for another 90 years welovebearwood recommends that you give them a visit.

Samantha who runs the gift shop told us about the new stock she’s got coming in all the time and she’s particularly excited about the Bomb Cosmetics smellies.

Webb’s have got lip balms, shower scrubs, butters, mud masks, bath salts, body polish, soap slices, bath creams, candles, gift sets – you name it the full (body) works. All the smellies are handmade too, essential oil based and not animal tested.

Samantha sent me some photos – Lushious!

Scrummy Soap slices

Beautiful Body Cosmetics

Indulgent Bath Creamers

Monday, 20 February 2012

Growing towards the promise of Spring by Andrew of Andrew's Plants

Andrew of Andrew's Plants contacted welovebearwood and told us why he is excited that Spring is on its way.

"We are coming to the end of the winter, the evenings are slowly beginning to lengthen, we are beginning to wake to sunshine peeping through the curtains and even more gradually life is beginning to return to the garden. This week one of my twitter followers likened spring to nature’s signal to start a party. I couldn’t agree more.

The natural party of 2012 has not begun just yet but preparations are well under way. During the past few weeks I have been pruning back and tidying up stock ready for life to return. There is something so exciting about a freshly weeded and pruned container plant – ready to burst into life and make a fine addition to somebody’s garden. I look at these containers and see them brimming over with potential – and I find that very exciting.

Spring can seem so close and yet so far at this time of year. That’s why I try to make every effort to bring a healthy growing lifestyle into my home during our chilly wintery evenings. I believe that bringing a living environment into your home is enormously important to your wellbeing both mentally and physically. I try to make sure that as I go through the winter I have an interesting stock of herbs either on my kitchen window sill or in a sheltered position outside my backdoor. This year my windowsill was over crowded and I could barely get out of my backdoor but it’s amazing to be growing your own natural ingredients.

It is so important to have this fresh stock to hand to add exciting flavours to your cooking on a cold winter evening. A sprig of Thyme can transform a chicken dinner. Lemon Thyme adds a completely different flavour to the same dish. Both are really hardy and look great during the winter. Whenever I leave the house I run my hands over the Lemon Thyme – I love the scent. It’s also really nice to have a selection of herbs to compliment your salads. Burnet Salad is a nice addition to most salads as is Celery Leaf. If you haven’t tried either of these plants I suggest that you do soon! A few Wild Rocket plants will provide you with a good crop on dark nights when you need to see greenery on your plate the most.

For basic cooks like myself I love sprinkling herbs onto a dish and feeling like a celebrity chef. More importantly I think that maintaining a growing lifestyle throughout the winter is profoundly healthy. It maintains a link to the changing seasons while allowing you to experience the growing season for 12 month of the year. It gives us reason to be hopeful about the return of spring."

For more information please check Andrew's Plants website and facebook page.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bearwood’s April Fool’s Day Run

To tie in with the Olympic Games Bearwood’s getting sporty this year and there’s going to be a 5k and 10k run organised by Friends of Lightwoods Park and Team Bearwood on Sunday 1st April. It’s no joke!

The run starts and finishes in Lightwoods Park and 40 stewards are needed to man the route.

So if you’re not a budding Usain Bolt and if you’re like me prefer to wear converse rather than running shoes this could be a good way to get involved.

For more info please contact Richard Marshall by email at richard_marshall@rocketmail.com or phone him on 07854 459455.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just Williams – Dexys’ Pete’s Solo at the Glee Club

When Pete Williams kindly agreed to an interview (click here to read it folks!) with welovebearwood (what a lovely chap!) he told us all about his new solo album (See) and the very special album launch show at the Glee Club.

Pete’s got some fantastic musicians playing with him (including members of both Imelda May's and Richard Hawley’s bands) and, in his own words, “this is going to be a powerful, intimate show”.

As a key member of both the original line up and the newly reanimated Dexys (set to release their first new album for 27 years, One Day I’m Going To Soar, on June 4th), as well as the criminally underrated The Bureau, Pete’s been making music for over 3decades but, incredibly, See is his first solo release. From what we’ve heard of it so far it’s an incredibly honest, personal and moving piece of work with some killer melodies and vocals to die for. Yep, we’ve got a bit of a Pete crush going on!

This very special album launch is next Tuesday 21st February at the Glee Club in Birmingham, if tickets aren’t yet sold out they will do so don’t chance it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Improving our high street

Bearwood -  bustling with people, services and jobs.
Bearwood  - a multifunctional social and retail space where people want to hang out, spend their money and just enjoy the local environment.
Bearwood -  a place that meets the diverse interests and needs of its people.

Do you think our Bearwood could be like this? Or perhaps in some ways it already is, but needs a bit of nurturing?

Well there's some funding available from government to be one of 12 Portas Pilots (remember the Mary Portas High Street Review last year?). It'll be competitive, the deadline is 30 March, and it's not masses of money but surely there's plenty of positive stuff we could do with £100k or so?!

I went to a meeting on Monday about the funding opportunity and thought I'd share my reflections with you....

Richard Marshall, who Chairs the Traders Association and Lightwoods Park Friends Group, arranged the meeting on Monday and invited a range of people. Council reps, residents, Cllr Bob Piper, transport and planning experts and local business representatives turned up. We considered the potential already in Bearwood that could be harnessed and encouraged...

Here are a few of the things we thought could be considered as High Street priorities:
  • Creative, independent retail and social spaces (such as pop-up shops or cafes open beyond 5pm); creating opportunities for the many artists, craft-makers, musicians and film-makers that live here
  • Beyond the high street: somehow actively linking the high street experience to our green spaces
  • Working with government and the council to change the attitude of absent high street landlords who currently don't care if their shop lies empty
  • Transport: balancing parking needs of out of town visitors and the needs of local pedestrians or cyclists

Within these broad areas we discussed quite a lot of detail – stuff that's happening already that could be built on as well as ideas for new initiatives. New stuff like a community shop for local info and selling locally-made wares; new business support for local people; testing out (for the benefit of the council, government and us) how we can convince absentee landlords to reduce rents on empty shops.

The most important thing I took from the meeting? That the real benefit of this won't be getting the funding or not (nice as it would be)! The process is likely to be a positive one that might help us move forward with a few improvements to our local area.

There's lots of potential. But it needs local people and local groups to be part of the discussions, to help find out what local residents' needs and interests really are, and to come up with a cohesive vision. All in 6 weeks! Want to be a part of it and volunteer your energy and positive ideas? Then get down to Azarri Too on Monday night, 6pm.

Don't wait for a meeting if you've got ideas. Get commenting here or on Facebook.

Sally Taylor

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Sharp Darts Target The Bear

The Sharp Darts are playing The Bear Tavern as part of a charity gig this Saturday in aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital Neo-Natal Ward so welovebearwood caught up with Mark of The Sharp Darts for his rundown of the gig.

“First up is local man Liam Garland and his band Little Liam. Inspired by many of the same bands and artists as us, you can expect some quality tunes from them. We played with Little Liam last year at Bearwood Shuffle in Lightwoods Park and they certainly entertained. You can find out more and find links to their music here.

Up next are a band that we have been waiting to play with again for quite some time, we first played with Wolverhampton Mod band The Town in 2010 at The Rainbow, they were great then and are even better now. They have a great mix of old school and modern classics that compliment their original tunes beautifully. Definitely a band to keep you eye on. Find out more here.

Main support are a band that I've never had the pleasure of seeing live, Open to Fire. Jay and a bunch of our mates caught up with these guys when we last played an acoustic gig at the Adam & Eve, I'm not too sure if they played that night as I had to duck out early and head off to work after out set. In any case, that meeting with Nat & Claire and the rest of the More Shots than Fingers team (who are organising this night) led to them being on the bill. You can check them out on facebook.

The Sharp Darts will be headlining the night, we'll let you know times nearer the time. The night kicks off at 7pm on the 18th February at The Bear Tavern (500 Bearwood Road, Bearwood, Smethwick) and is £3 to get in, all of which goes to Birmingham Childrens Hospital Neo Natal Ward.

It's gonna be a great night and we're hoping to raise as much money as we can, so come on down and show your support!”

P.S Have a listen to The Sharp Darts - Paul Weller would be very impressed!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thimblemill Library's Original Features

Why oh why was it allowed to happen? Why can’t things be left alone? It’s such a shame when original features get removed from historic buildings because it’s almost impossible to get them back again.

Julie McKirdy, Thimblemill Library Supervisor, sent me her photos of the library in the 1980s before the major refurb took place. Her photos show how the library used to look with its very stylish Art Deco counter.

I like this photo the most as it shows the original counter which used the the Bourne Issue System in all its glory. Horse shaped with 2 drums holding all the tickets.

I’d never heard of the Bourne System before but the Wikipedia definition that Julie sent me describes it perfectly.

"When a book was borrowed the librarian took one of the reader's borrowing cards and removed the book's own card.

The two cards were filed together this date was stamped in the book. The cards are tickets are organised in trays, by date of issue, and within date by the key on the card.

When the book was returned, the user's card was removed from the file of the day indicated by the stamp and given back, and the book card was replaced in the book.

Whilst the filed cards revealed which user had a particular book, or which books a particular reader had borrowed, this was only true whilst the loan continued. Afterwards no record of the transaction remained."

I'm all for advances in technology but it would be wonderful to go back to a much simpler time!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thimblemill Library takes its place in the history books!

(Photo courtesy of Tony Hisgett)

Thimblemill Library
celebrates its 75th birthday this Friday, 10th February 2012.

Happy Birthday Thimblemill Library – thank you for making Bearwood really proud!

To celebrate, the library’s going to have a fun packed day with a visit from the Lord Mayor, presentations to the youngest and oldest friend of the library, prizes for the best fancy dress book character costume, birthday cake, talks by local historian David Yates and a children’s party. Please look here for more details!

Imagine all the changes that the library has seen over the years. In 1937, Agatha Christie was still considered a relatively new writer, Jilly Cooper (queen of chicklit) was born and Margaret Mitchell was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her novel Gone with the Wind.

The library has undergone some real changes and has even moved location. It was originally on Barclay Road and unfortunately in the 1990’s the library lost all of its original art deco features. I would have loved to have seen them.

Julie McKirdy, Library Supervisor, first joined the library as a “shy 16 year old” in 1978 and has shared some interesting facts about the library with welovebearwood. For instance, did you know that Julie Walters who mentions her early days in Bearwood in her autobiography ‘That’s Another Story’ discovered her love of reading at Thimblemill library?

I didn’t realise how busy Thimblemill Library actually is either and it’s great to see that the library is still going strong! Last year the library was visited over 105,000 times, over 70,000 books were issued, it held over 1200 different activities and currently holds over 11,000 books.

Julie says that she could easily write a book about working at the library. She’s got so many fond memories herself and says that it’s always great to hear all the stories from other people who used to work there. We would love to hear what you think about the library so please get in touch by emailing welovebearwood@googlemail.com.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Laurence of Bearwood

Laurence Saunders is definitely one of my Bearwood All-Stars. Actor, singer, guitarist, comedian - he's a man of many talents and an all round lovely guy. Welovebearwood interrupted him in the middle of his busy filming schedule to find out what he's up to and to get his lowdown on life in Bearwood. Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce to you.....fellow Bearwoodian Laurence Saunders

How long have you lived in Bearwood for? What do you like about living in Bearwood?

I’ve been kicking around the Bearwood area or thereabouts since 1995, when I first moved here with my mates. It wasn’t a conscious decision. As with many things in life I just stumbled into it, like a blindfold Norman Wisdom walking backwards through a room full of crockery.

I think that unless you live somewhere like the beautiful coastline of south and west Wales, up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands, on the edge of a lake in Cumbria, or deep in the countryside of Shropshire or Staffordshire, then the main thing that a place has going for it is the people, its community. There’s a great sense of community in Bearwood and that’s what I like the most. We’re also lucky to have Warley Woods and Lightwoods Park. And you can walk into the city if you’re that way inclined. It’s a long walk, mind.

What changes have you seen in Bearwood since you have lived here? Do you think Bearwood is attracting more creative people like your good self and if so why?

Over recent years, the sense of community has led to exciting things – Warley Woods Community Trust and the development of the Woods, the Crafty Muthas and the Bearwood Tapestry, Bearwood Shuffle, Bearwood on Ice, the Friends of Lightwoods Park, this blog, loads of other stuff…

I’m not sure whether or not Bearwood is attracting more creative people now – perhaps it is, perhaps people are making themselves more visible. Historically, Smethwick and the Black Country were once at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and so the people here have been making stuff for a long time. In terms of why people come here, once I would have said because of house prices… maybe it’s because people see it as a nice place to live.

What do you see as the future of Bearwood? What changes would you like to see?

I’d like to see a revival of the High Street but that’s tough going given the current climate. It’d be nice to be able to walk the pavements and parkland without getting dog shit on my trainers, too. Overall, though, the future seems positive for Bearwood given what its inhabitants are up to – although if I could see into the future, I’d win the Lottery every week.

You are a man of many talents - guitarist in Boomshadow, stand-up, TV & film actor - what do you enjoy most and why?

I love music. Boomshadow doesn’t play together enough: all four of us are parents – we must be the only rock ‘n’ roll band with childcare issues. I think that’s pretty punk rock though, having kids. Being an actor is my job and I’m lucky enough to love that, too. Stand up comedy can give you a greater level of freedom, which is fun. In fact, I’m on the bill at the Public in West Brom on Friday 3rd Feb, as part of their regional comedy showcase. There’s a great line up of acts, and me, if anyone fancies popping along.

It looks like PULP was a fun film to make - do you have any anecdotes you could share with us?

PULP was fun to make, and it’s already attracting some attention – it was shortlisted for the Discovery Award at the London Comedy Film Festival. SFX magazine did a nice feature on the film, too, complete with a trailer (don’t watch at work or in front of kids as there’s a bit of swearing) which you can see here:

Anecdote wise, all I can think of is that my kids were most impressed with the fact that we filmed in the studio where they record the voices for ROARY THE RACING CAR.

Do you find it easier playing a particular type of character? If so what and why?

I don’t know really. I tend to focus on the next project I’m working on, and I like to play a range of characters. That said, at the moment I seem to be in a run of playing nasty pieces of work. For instance, I was Trevor Waterhouse, Mrs. Tembe’s nasty neighbour in DOCTORS, the BBC daytime drama, for a couple of months over the summer, in a storyline that centred upon racism. It was a pretty challenging thing for a broadcaster to tackle in the afternoon and all power to the Beeb for doing so. It’s always interesting to try and find the vulnerability, and the humanity, even in the nastiest of people.

Which direction do you see your career going? Is there anything particular you would like to do?

I’m happy doing a range of things. Career wise, it’s been a little bit like THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, you know, digging my way out of prison with a teaspoon. Things are going really well at the moment, though. WOUNDED, a feature in which I play a former soldier invalided out of Afghanistan, has just won the Best Film at the Marbella International Film Festival (here’s the trailer – again probably not one for the children:

I’ve just found out that DEADTIME, a rock ‘n’ roll horror/slasher movie, is getting a cinema and DVD release in April/May, which is exciting.

I play the lead singer in a band holed up in a recording studio when the killing starts – the trailer is not for the squeamish. Or children. Can you see a theme developing? Here it is:

Hopefully, N.F.A., a feature about homelessness by Birmingham based writer/director Steve Rainbow, which stars Patrick Baladi (THE OFFICE, BODIES) will do likewise and hit cinema screens soon, too. LAND GOLD WOMEN, which has won a stack of awards including the National Film Award of India for Best English Language Film, has recently had a theatrical release in India. Oh, and the firm family favourite, FRANKIE BOYLE’S TRAMADOL NIGHTS, is out now on DVD. My place in Hell is assured.

I also like to do stuff that has meaning beyond just being a film or a piece of theatre. HANDLE WITH CARE, which won the Royal Television Society Best Short Film Award, was principally devised by young people in foster care, and was based on their experiences, and shaped by the writer/director team of Matt Cooke and Vince Lund. It was fantastic to work on. You know the drill with the trailer:

I’ve just finished filming a really exciting feature, THE QUIET ONE, which is like a 21st Century Urban Western. Written by the Birmingham based writer/director Jon Pegg and featuring a wealth of Midlands talent (both in front of and behind the camera – including former Super Middleweight World Champion Richie Woodhall) it’s definitely one to watch out for. I’m just starting on THE SEASONING HOUSE, a psychological horror film set in the Balkans, starring Sean Pertwee. Basically, I like to do whatever’s next!

What are your influences? Who's your favourite band/actor/director etc?

Tough one. Blimey. The list is endless… whatever I’m listening to or watching at the moment, I guess. Which is not much of an answer!

Who is your Bearwood All-star? What, who or where makes you smile in Bearwood?

I’d have to say my beautiful wife and our gorgeous kids, really. How soppy is that? They make me smile, anyway.

Finally, what's the secret behind Lightwoods Fish & chippy ' orange chips'?

It’s something to do with Boson Higgs, the God Particle, isn’t it? Or are they a potato based tribute to David Dickinson?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

From Bearwood to Scarewood!

If you like things that go bump in the night and are into ghosts and ghouls
then Smethwick Paranormal Investigations need you!

Lynnette Sharratt got in touch to tell us more about the society.....read on if you’re brave enough!

“Smethwick Paranormal Investigations was founded in Smethwick over fifteen years ago and we investigate all areas of the country. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by paranormal sites and lots of folklore in and around Bearwood.

The team use a variety of equipment from night vision goggles and cameras to ghost nets and emf meters. But the best tool on any investigation is ourselves; we strive to gather evidence of the paranormal in any form. We have two dedicated historians who work with us and the team comprises of sceptics, believers and everything in between.

We are often called in to investigate private homes and businesses to help people get answers to things going on around them. Plus the team investigate well known locations throughout the year and help fundraise for charities, offer team building days and give talks and demonstrations on what we do.

Last year we were asked if we would represent The Southern paranormal and anomaly research society (SPARS) here in the UK. SPARS is the one of the largest paranormal groups in the United States and we are now the International SPARS team as well.

Over the years the team have investigated many sites including The Station hotel, Dudley Castle, Smethwick swimming centre, Nottingham galleries and Tutbury castle to name some of the more famous ones.

We are always looking for new locations so if you live or work somewhere you believe to be haunted and would like us to investigate then please get in touch.

We have had photo’s we cannot explain, evps and anomalies whilst on site and most of these are posted on out website at www.smethwickparanormal.webeden.co.uk/

Why not join us on Facebook or twitter to keep up to date.

At the moment we are looking for people who would be willing to share there experiences with anything paranormal from ghosts, UFOs to crypto zoology. We are conducting video interviews to include in our new project. If you are interested then please get in touch.”