Friday, 2 November 2012

Food Glorious Food!

Welovebearwood love the fact that The Bearwood Pantry crew love good food. They're not fans of the Beyonce Maple Syrup Diet to be a size zero school of thought...thank goodness!

In their words "The Bearwood Pantry is an informal food buying group that aims to source and supply local, ethically produced, affordable foods for people within our community. We hope to encourage everyone to make healthy and tasty food choices by providing access to good value organic meat and vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy produce and bread." That's exactly what they've achieved too.
They've got some great suppliers on board including Model Farm, Ubuntu Bread and Salop Drive.

Model Farm's a co-operative society of organic and traditional farmers and producers based near Ross-on-Wye that's 100% committed to traditional methods of husbandry. In other words no antibiotics, hormones or growth enhancers are ever used in their produce.
Interested? It couldn't be easier to join The Bearwood Pantry. All you need do is complete their registration form, it took us all of 2 minutes! Here's the link.

Once you've joined email Model Farm ( your contact details and let them know that you've joined. You'll even receive an 18% discount off your food bill for the privilege - it couldn't get any better!

You'll receive weekly emails with ordering instructions, pick-up instructions and special offers. That's another thing we love about The Bearwood Pantry all the pick-ups are local to Bearwood and always on a Thursday evening so they'll be easy to get to after work.
There are lots of the top tips on The Bearwood Pantry blog and if you're stuck in a rut with the same old meat and 2 veg every night have a look at their delicious recipes. Yummy!

As Bearwood Pantry say "We hope, for now, that you’ll spend less time doing the zombie walk around the big supermarkets and maybe get a chance to do smaller top-up shops in Bearwood. The main thing is, you’ll be eating healthy food that tastes like food should."


  1. Thank you for the write up Jo, we really appreciate it:)

  2. It's a pleasure Mel - we love The Bearwood Pantry x