Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Can you cook a proper curry?

Khakan can!  Not only does he bake amazing cakes, he can cook a proper curry too! 

We caught up with Khakan Qureshi whilst he was busy in his kitchen to find out more about his Indian cooking and to ask about his favourite curry.

"My favourite dish to cook has to be chicken curry as succulent pieces of breast (or for the fuller flavour use chicken on the bone) combined together with fresh ingredients such as onions, ginger, garlic, green chilles, hot spices and garnished with fresh coriander and garam masala, makes a wonderful hearty meal in the evenings, especially at weekends when you can serve it up with naan breads, chapattis or rice. The wonderful thing about this curry is that it can be cooked in an hour

If you're fed up with takeaway meals, disgruntled with the Indian meal in a restaurant or disappointed by the way your curry has turned out even though you followed the recipe very carefully, give Khakan a call and he'll demonstrate how to cook an Indian dish like a meat/chicken balti, vegetable curry or dahl (lentils) from scratch. Khakan is able to provide cookery sessions within your own home, using the required ingredients and skills to really capture the true taste of Indian cuisine.

If you would like a cookery session or demonstration, or meals for a small dinner party, call Khakan for further details on 07896717678.

P.S. You can find more of Khakan's recipes by visiting the Channel 4 receipes website.  They're from when Khakan appeared on Come Dine With Me - here's the link

P.P.S  Check out his amazing cakes - right here!

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