Bearwood All-Stars

One of our favourite questions to ask fellow Bearwoodians is about their Bearwood All-Star. 

Who, what or where makes you smile in Bearwood?

We're keeping a running tally of all the nominations we have received so far. 

The winner will receive a Bearwood All-Star award so please make sure you let us know who/what or where you would like to nominate.

Here are the nominations......


Webb's of Bearwood

Neelams Kebab House

Warley Meats

Charlie's Mom's Chocolate Factory

Lightwoods Park

Warley Woods

Bearwood Classical Guitar Centre
Andrew's Plants
Unique Promotions

Thimblemill Library

Bearwood's community spirit

Charlie's Mom's Chocolate Factory

The Ritas

The Beach

Rutland Sheds

Please email us at with details of your Bearwood All-Star.