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Here are the social media links which we think everyone in Bearwood should have! 

If you would like to be added, please email us at with the details.

Twitter (with a big thank you to Samantha of Webb's Walled Garden Gift Shop)

Webbs of Bearwood @webbsgiftshop

Andrew's Plants @Andrews_plants

Janet Eastwood@JanetEastwoodAc

Azzari Too @azzari_too

Bead Savvy@BeadSavvy

Crafty Muthas @craftymuthas

Selina Davis (Stylist) @Stylist_selina

Tracy Mason (Hypnotherapist) @THypnochick

Mollie Bee @Mollie_Bee

NX Books @nxbooks

Better Bearwood @BetterBearwood

Bearwood Pantry @Bearwoodpantry

Bearwood Chapel @BearwoodChapel

Bearwood Shuffle @BearwoodShuffle

Baby Ballet Bearwood @babyballetBWood

Smethwick Foodbank @SmethwickFoodBa

Smethwick Library @smethwick_lib

Paranormal Society @Paranormal_SPI

Counselling Birmingham @couns_direct



  1. We love Bearwood but have been getting increasingly fed up at it's apparent non-existence to the rest of the world (noteably the post office and anyone who gets your address via a postcode search). Also fed up with post being delivered to a road of the same name in Smethwick and us getting their post!
    Why is it not recognised that BEARWOOD is a fabulous place in its own right and not just an extension of Smethwick? Rant over! Anyone else out there agree and wants to start a petition to get Bearwood its proper recognition?
    A Bearwood (near Smethwick) resident

  2. Sarah, how true. We agree! Bearwood should be Bearwood in its own right - what were the Post Office thinking??!!!!

    If you would like to start a BEARWOOD petition we would definitely support it.

  3. An old thread, but just wanted to add...when I bought my house in BEARWOOD in January 2006 Smethwick was stamp duty exempt. I paid STAMP DUTY! If I get any mail with Smethwick written on it instead of BEARWOOD I return it to sender UNOPENED!!

  4. Supreme Internet Cafe New internet cafe now open @ 435 bear-wood Road, come and enjoy fast internet and with some refreshment from our cafe section.

  5. Really? Lighten up people, Smethwick snobbery or what? I live in Bearwood which I do believe is part of Smethwick! Whilst I do like living in Bearwood, it's the seemingly snobby people render it far from 'fabulous' at the minute.