Thursday, 1 November 2012

Are You Green Fingered?

The welovebearwood team would love to be more green fingered!  It would be wonderful to know the Clematis flower from the Camellia flower or how best to grow and maintain your own  brussels sprouts in the freezing cold.  We haven't got a clue.

That's why we think the new 6 week training programme in Lightwoods Park is a great idea for all budding (get it!...hee! hee!) horticulturists out there.

Every Wednesday and Thursday from 7 November to 13 December (10.30am - 2.30pm) you'll be able to attend Horticulture at Lightwoods Park.  Stacey Griffiths who's organising the project told us that "you will receive a good basic understanding of horticulture and the skills needed to maintain a garden. You will also be taught how to use and maintain a range of horticultural tools and equipment."

If you go along you'll be able to get involved in designing plant and flower displays, maintaining winter beds for vegetables, identifying and managing pests and diseases·and basic garden maintenance in the beautiful Shakespeare Garden

What a great opportunity!  If you're interested you can contact Stacey Griffiths on 0121 569 5563 or at

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