Monday, 5 November 2012

From The Kings Head to The Queen Vic!

You've got to watch Eastenders tomorrow night (Tuesday 6 November)

Bearwood's very own soap star Laurence Saunders will be in it playing the part of Rick Gekowski.  

We're big fans of Laurence especially as he was nominated for the Villain of the Year in this year's British Soap Awards for his role as terrible Trevor Waterhouse in Doctors.


  1. Andrew Smethwick6 November 2012 at 22:21

    Mild-mannered Laurence of Bearwood a soap star and Villain of the Year? Time to buy a licence and tune in to the new fangled delights of television, perhaps.

    1. Abso...bloody....lutely Andrew....! Go for it Laurence! Brilliant Bearwood is backing you to become as big an Eastenders star as John Altman as 'Nasty Nick' Cotton...everyone loves a 'Good Baddie' if that isn't something of a tautology...? You know what I mean....Laurence can be the next great Eastenders 'Bad Boy' IMHO!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your comments chaps! Laurence was amazing in Eastenders last night....well done Laurence. Bearwood felt very proud. :)