Wednesday, 15 June 2011

An open invitation to Bearwood bands, singers, musicians, sword swallowers...

Okay, so there's more music going on in Bearwood now than there was a few months back. Bearwood Jazz keeps on keeping on, BED has rocked out their first gig at St Mary's Church, Bearwood Chapel has some events coming up (see posting below), Boogie Dave is launching Bear Rhythms at Monalito Latin Bar & Grill this Thursday (16th) and Bearwood Promoters are planning to hold the first of their Bearwood Shuffles at the Lightwood Park Bandstand on July 31st. But there's room for a whole lot more. So this is a general shoutout to bands who live in and around Bearwood (there must be loads out there) to make themselves known. Whether you fancy playing live or just want us to post your music and vids leave a comment below with the details and we'll do the rest. Here's one to get you started, The Ritas (featuring local blogger Helen Highwater...I think she's local...) and their cover of The Smiths' Jeane.

I came across this by accident but it's pretty cool eh? More please!

Friday, 10 June 2011

A new dimension to Bearwood Chapel

As part of Bearwood’s growing resurgence as a place to see live music Bearwood Chapel’s hosting a gig from in3D.

Billed as an acoustic blend of folk, blues and jazz improvisation the organisers are also promising multimedia visuals. Members of the band have toured with the House Martins, Level 42, Martyn Joseph, Everything but the Girl and Mud. Intriguing...

Tickets only cost £2.50 per person (£5 for a family ticket) and the show starts at 7.30pm.

For more info go to