Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bearwood Shuffle...five days and counting

Yes, the wait is nearly over. As the world's media begin to gather outside Neelams Kebab House and the stars park their helicopters in Aldi's Car Park it's nearly time for the very first Bearwood Shuffle! Glastonbury, Schmastonbury. Not only will you get to enjoy the musical delights of 7 (yes...7!) local artists, there'll be cake too. Yes. Cake. You don't get that at Glastonbury do you? Well, okay, maybe you do but then again you do have to wee in a bush and sleep in a smelly tent.

Anyway, the Bearwood Shuffle. Lightwoods Park Bandstand. This Sunday. 2pm. Sunshine guaranteed...probably.

PS: Did we mention it was FREE!

PPS: But not the cake...what do you want, jam on it?

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Getting to the 'art' of it all...

Bearwood Chapel is holding an arts weekend from the 26th-28th August featuring renowned artist Ramesh Darji. Widely collected by art lovers around the world this is a rare opportunity to meet an artist that fuses Eastern and Western influences in work that "cheers up the spirit and the mind". Now isn't that something we could all do with right now eh?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

We're getting there!

Our burgeoning music scene

A few months ago many of us were a bit fed up - "nothing much happens in Bearwood!", we complained.  Like children banging knives and forks on the dinner table our mantra was 'we want more, we want more, we want more': more music, more welcoming social places, just more going on.

Well, this month it feels like we might have got what we wanted. At welovebearwood we got to action and so did others.  Let me fill you in on what's happening over the next few weeks.  Some of it was happening anyway, some of it entirely new.  All of it exciting and a good thing for locals & those beyond the B66/B67 borders...

Here's the calendar of Bearwood Events:
SATURDAY 9 July, 5pm
Millennium Eagle Jazz Band play our beloved Lightwoods Park Bandstand (Adkins Lane) as part of the final weekend of the Birmingham International Jazz Festival
WEDNESDAY 13 July, 7pm
The second Bear Rhythms night of Latin beats, treats and eats.  Family friendly, a lovely night at our newest friendly bar Monalito.  Monalito is on Three Shires Oak Road just opposite The Bear pub.  
Every THURSDAY from 8.30pm the Jazz at the  Corks Club rocks Bearwood with all sorts of Jazz - trad, Big Band and of course, famous resident Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes.  On 30th July Dennis Rollins will be playing with AH & the Blue Notes.  Take a visit at Bearwood Road/Sherwood Road.
SUNDAY 17 July 1pm-6pm
The annual free Warley Woods Picnic in the Park!  Bring your rugs and food and you'll be provided with live local music, craft and cake stalls and lots more besides...
WEDNESDAY 20 July 7pm
The next Friends of Lightwoods Park meeting will be held at St Mary's Church Hall at Bearwood Road/St Marys Road.  We'll be voting in our first Committee members and hearing about whether or not the first stage of the £multi-million bid to Heritage Lottery Fund (to improve the Park and House) as been successful.  An important meeting!

THURSDAY 21 July, 8pm
Good at crafts?  A beginner/interested?  Come along to the free The Bearwood Tapestry at The Bear pub at Bearwood Road/Three Shires Oak Road for a drink and crafty pursuits, brought to you by the Crafty Muthas (check out the blog of gorgeousness).

SUNDAY 31 July 2pm-6pm
The very first Bearwood Shuffle!  A free afternoon of local bands bringing the Bandstand alive for the second time this month! Brought to you by new non-profit group the Bearwood Promoters.  Come and join us for our very first event and look out for number 2 in September. Here's the line up for you:

Is it safe to say there's something for everyone in Bearwood over the next few weeks?  

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