Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Azzari Loo!

Photo courtesy of Express and Star

Good news for Bearwood's loos!

Barry Hall, owner of Azzari Too restaurant, is currently in talks with Sandwell Council about how to rejuvenate the toilet facilities at Bearwood's bus station on Atkins Road.  The toilets have been closed for the last 2 years due to vandalism.

Barry's plan is to keep part of the building as public toilets and to turn the other part into a takeaway deli. Steve Eling is backing Barry's idea.

Barry explained to the Express And Star that “I spoke to the council about the toilets a while ago and was told they might have to be knocked down. I thought it was a real shame.

“So we came up with this idea and had a meeting in April and since then they have been really supportive. It should be stunning when it’s finished.”


  1. Because we need another takeaway in Bearwood.

    Just knock it down and sell the entire site, car park, bus station and all.

    1. Despite parking being notoriously difficult in Bearwood and buses being awkward enough as it is, I understand your willingness to sell the site instead of having a new take-away restaurant that might bring people to Bearwood instead of driving it further into a ghost-town status.

      I once owned three cats and one of them had a litter. Deciding that we didn't need any more cats in my home, I took the best course of action and drowned the litter in the bathtub as quickly as possible. Similarly, I too think there are too many takeaways in Bearwood, and we should knock all but one down.

      Which is your personal favourite? Chicks?

  2. If you've seen Barry's quality 'Azzari Too' food stall at various events at Lightwoods Park you will know his food is not like that at the other takeaways in Bearwood x

  3. Excellent idea and great news.

  4. It is a truly horrible building, better to knock it down and for it and the 'bus station' to be put to better and coordinated use, drawing visitors to Lightwoods house and park, as well as the high street.

  5. People are too scared to have this conversation on Facebook. Interesting. Thanks Jo for the forum.