Bearwood Shuffles

Live local music brought to you by Bearwood Promoters!

Want to play at future Bearwood Shuffles or give the Bearwood Promoters Team a helping hand?

Well, please email the team at, visit their facebook page or twitter them at!/bearwoodshuffle

The Bearwood Promoters Team have told welovebearwood that they "were a group of 10 people randomly or not-so-randomly collected together via the Lightwoods Park meetings or through working together or through knowing someone through someone... We met at the Kings Head and after a couple of hours we had a plan.  A plan for how we might organise ourselves into pushing support for more good live music in Bearwood.  All this on a Monday evening after work, not bad."

They are a fully constituted non-profit community organisation and  they are very proud (rightly so!) of their aims and objectives.  These are: 
  • To operate as a not for profit voluntary community group
  • To effect mutual assistance and the promotion of live music in Bearwood (Abbey Ward) which is accessible and affordable for all
  • To encourage and support up and coming and established local music talent by developing opportunities to play be heard.
  • To develop and nurture a culturally rich musical environment which promotes a diverse range of musical genres and reignites Bearwood’s long musical heritage
  • Support a sustainable live music infrastructure in Bearwood, which contributes to local regeneration
Please have a read of The Hearing Aid's thoughts about live music in Bearwood -