Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Don't worry.....be happy!

Is work making you stressed?  Do you want to fit into your favourite little black dress for your work Christmas do?  Are your kids nagging at you to give up smoking? 

Well.....welovebearwood hopefully have the answer you're looking for!   

Philippa Carr, trained hypnotherapist from Violet Hypnotherapy, contacted welovebearwood with how she can help.

You are feeling very sleepy… Perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to be hypnotised and would like to try it for yourself.

Starting from Monday 12th November, group hypnotherapy sessions by Philippa Carr from Violet Hypnotherapy will be available at the function room in The Bear Tavern.

The sessions will focus on general relaxation beginning at 7pm and weight management at 8pm. The group hypnotherapy sessions will then run on a fortnightly basis.

Philippa Carr said, “Hypnotherapy is currently experiencing a resurgence in its popularity. Despite popular perceptions, there will be no pocket watches or Derren Brown style stunts involved. You are in control of yourself at all times.

The general relaxation sessions provide you with some time to slow down and focus on you. This session provides an introduction to hypnotherapy and can be useful if you need to lower your stress levels.

Weight management is targeted at finding a balanced approach to your eating habits and fitness. There are no diets and you get the support of a group. They can help you to increase your motivation and body confidence over a long term period”.

Philippa Carr from Violet Hypnotherapy is a qualified Hypnotherapist and member of The General Hypnotherapy Register. She is experienced at facilitating group sessions in the community from her previous experience working for community based third sector organisations.

The sessions are operating on a drop- in basis and no bookings are required. Sessions take place for up to one hour and cost £5 per session. For more information, please contact Philippa Carr at Violet Hypnotherapy on 0121 532 1352 or phil@violethypnotherapy.com

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