Friday, 5 October 2012

Bearwood’s Boogie Dave Says Bye To His Beard!

The welovebearwood team have got a big thing for facial hair. We love the Baron’s gentlemanly handlebar moustache (we’re not biased of course – hee! hee!), Jake Redfern’s fine whiskers and Boogie Dave’s mammoth beard so when we heard that Boogie Dave was going to shave off his beard we know that we just had to find out more.

Boogie Dave explained that the beard dates back to the start of 2012....”So I started growing this beardy thing on New Year's Day, just to see how long I could do it for more than anything else. But as 2012 has progressed I have had more and more comments about it....the latest being "Are you a Jew?" :O) I've been asked if I have converted to Islam, am I an extremist, am I a I mad???? But none of the above apply, I just wanted to test myself.”

So when are you going to be shaving it off we cried!

“On New Year's Eve I will finally be shaving the hairy bugger off. I thought it would be a grand opportunity to raise some much needed money for a charity and have decided on Acorns Children's Hospice Trust."

"As many of you know, I have a large clan of my own with Boogie Baby Number 6 arriving sometime in November. My heart goes out to all those children and families that find themselves requiring the assistance of Acorns Children's Hospice, what Acorns provide is immeasurable. So let's help out in some small way.”

Welovebearwood would love everyone in Bearwood to get behind Boogie Dave shaving off his beloved beard for such a worthy cause.

You can do this by donating whatever you can through his JustGiving page – here’s the link. All the donation collected will be counted on New Year's Eve and Boogie Dave has promised to tell us how much raises.

Facebook Page:  Just Giving Boogie Dave

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