Monday, 8 October 2012


Photo courtesy of Birmingham Mail 02.10.12

Welovebearwood popped into town on Saturday afternoon to do some window shopping (like you do!) to find that our favourite Floozie in the Jacuzzi know the one in Victoria Square....was wearing a bright pink bra. BRA-VO!

We came back with all our bargains (including loads of amazing meal deals from Chilli Billys – thanks for the tip Stevie Maiden and Keith Bracey!) and put our Google hats on to see if we could find out some more details.

The pink bra was made in 3 days (wow!) by Leigh Pipkin from Bearwood (go girl!) and it’s to mark the launch of a £1 million Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer campaign to buy a mammogram trailer, which is vital for the early detection of breast cancer.

If you would like to find out more about this very worthy cause please click on this link and if you know Leigh please ask her to get in contact with welovebearwood. We would love to know more about the pink bra.  Our email address is

Website: Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer


  1. Glad to see the 'Floozie' highlighting the fight against Breast Cancer by wearing her pink bra and promoting: 'Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer' however in these days of gender equality, shouldn't her mate, the Iron Man be covering up his 'Nuts n Bolt' by donning his pink underpants to highlight the fight against Prostate Cancer, the biggest cancer killer of older men.....? Just a thought....

  2. Morning Mr Bracey! That's a cracking idea - I would love you to suggest it to Cancer Relief.

    Wanted to say thank you too for posting some of welovebearwood on Blogging Bout 'Bromwichham'. Your blog's looking good.