Thursday, 24 January 2013

Old Bearwood

The Birmingham Antiques and Collectors Fair takes place this Sunday.  We went to the fair at the Birmingham Centennial Centre on Icknield Port Road just before Christmas and it was fantastic, a real treasure trove!  Perfect timing for all our Christmas shopping.

We bought some real treasures for ourselves too including some really old postcards of Bearwood, Lightwoods Park and Warley Woods, from Andrew Maxam of Maxam Publishing.
Andrew Maxam has produced local history calendars, written local history books and has an huge collection of old postcards and archive full of old photographs.  We fancy his Vintage Images of Warley Woods book next time. 

The Antique Fair will also be open for business on Sunday 24th February and Sunday 17th March.

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  1. My name Stan Francis junior, Bearwood is very much in my life with my Grandfather first of all who was in partnership with Freddie Harris as Bookies in Bearwood Road next door to the Corks Club, now Corals. My Dad Stan senior played bowls in Lightwoods, The Dog and Cock and Magpies, not 4getting the Kings Head. Comes to mind Sam Heaselgrave he was an Estate agent also on Bearwood Road opposite the Olde Windsor now snooker hall(1960's). I truly hope they will sort out Lightwoods Park as it is, since builders got involved with them going bust has left the place in absolute ruins, one wud have hoped the local Council wud have stepped in?-My old school was Abbey Road 1953-58, my teacher was Miss Maskell, Headmistress Mrs Jones. Why on earth did they take away the bowling greens. tennis courts?..I am now in my 70's and had more enjoyment from Bearwood than people now living there I am sure...rose coloured specs perhaps?