Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Wish I Was A Rat!

Hee!  Hee!  We know that would grab your attention!

On a seriously theatrical note, The REP have told us about their next exciting show, I Was A Rat!  It's the first time Phillip Pullman's classic children's novel will make its appearance on stage in the UK.  And where is it premiering in Birmingham of The Old Rep nonetheless from Tuesday 12 February to Saturday 2 March.

Eleanor, the Rep's lovely Marketing and Communications Officer, explained to welovebearwood that "this gloriously dark and gripping story is brought to life on the professional stage for the first time in the UK. Full of music, comedy and fantastic physical performances I Was A Rat! will surprise, delight and move audiences of all ages.

This fantastical story has been adapted for the stage by director Teresa Ludovico who is artistic director of Teatro Kismet in Bari, Southern Italy. Teresa is best known in the UK for her thrilling visual and physical productions of Beauty and the Beast, The Snow Queen and The Mermaid Princess."

Teresa Ludovico has said that“I have wanted to bring one of Philip Pullman's stories to the stage for some time, because I find his work very close to my poetic style of theatre. It is a theatre style that strives to address both young and adult audiences."

I really like this story because despite its fairy-tale structure and wonderful comic appeal, it also deals with contemporary issues, such as the power of society's institutions, including the press, which creates bogus news, purely for economic or political reasons.”

The story introduces us to Roger, a scruffy page boy who turns up one evening on the doorstep of old married couple Bob and Joan. “I was a rat!” he insists! But what is he now? A terrifying monster rampaging in the sewers? A money-spinning fairground freak? A champion wriggler and a downy card? Or just an ordinary boy, though a little ratty in his habits?  Intrigued!  We definitely are!
Roger is played by Fox Jackson-Keen, who although only 17, is already an old stage pro.  He made his debut apperance at the tender age of 13 as Billy in Billy Elliot the musical.  We are all so envious!

If you would like to find more about I Was A Rat please visit the REP's website and keep your eyes open for more exciting news about the show on the welovebearwood blog.

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