Monday, 10 February 2014

Up The Junction!

Work starts today on the Hagley Road junction.

The improvements will include widening the carriageway, much better traffic lights, a proper pedestrian crossing so you no longer have to fear for your life crossing Hagley Road, new street lights and the dark, dingy and damp subway will be finally closed.

The project's expected to take 28 weeks so we reckon it should be completed by mid-September.

Thank Goodness….it’s been long overdue.

P.S. To cheer you up on this dreary Monday….here’s Squeeze’s Up The Junction


  1. Long over due - looking forward to finally being able to cross that junction safely - great clip by the way even if it makes me feel ancient.

    1. Cheers Coral. Glad you liked the video too - you can't beat a bit of Squeeze!