Thursday, 20 February 2014

News Flash! Food Bank Running Out of Food!

Morwenna Hughes, who helps out at Sandwell Women’s Aid Food Bank, contacted welovebearwood with a much needed request.

“Basically our food bank is so run down and out of non perishable foods, baby items and hygiene products. Also any donation of old prams or clothes would be amazing.”

Morwenna added that “I see so many women who come to us with horrific stories of domestic violence and have nothing as they often just have to leave.”

The Abbey pub (Abbey Road, Bearwood) are taking in donations so please get yours there quick. Morwenna will be collecting them on Sunday.

So far Morwenna has been overwhelmed by the kindness of people in Bearwood and she told us that there are a few people who want to help this worthy cause on a monthly basis.


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  2. Hi, I have some baby food jars, prob around 20+ but I'm nit able to drop them to the Abbey pub ( as close as I live) If Morwenna wouldn't mind collecting from me when she collects from the pub on Sunday, im just on Belmont road x

  3. Hi Jada Thanks for your message. That's very kind of you. Please email your contact details to so we can pass them onto Morwenna and can ask her to get in contact with you.