Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Joining the Dots

Oh my!  The Bearwood Promoters may have been in hibernation over the winter months but now that Spring is almost here, they’re back and we think even stronger than ever.

They’ve got BIG plans for this year including applying for a live music Joining The Dots grant.  The £10k grant would make a huge difference as it would mean they would be able to put on more events and buy a PA system so that some Bearwood Shuffles could be held inside too.  Perfect for those colder and wetter months! 

Watch their video application and you’ll see why we think they deserve to win.

P.S. Bearwood Promoters would like to give a big shout out to all the lovely people who helped with the video including Gail Meek, Keith Bloomfield, Jason Lewis, Wayne Fox, Mr Naylor. Amelia Wallace, Noel Kavanagh, Adam Smith and everyone who we may have missed. Ta!  We love you all!

P.P.S.  Watch out for welovebearwood’s exclusive on the Bearwood Promoters brand new website.  Exciting Stuff!

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