Thursday, 23 January 2014

What's on?

Seen details of a local event on Facebook but can't quite remember the start time?

 Want other people to know about your regular or one-off events easily?

Want to know what to do in Bearwood this week?

Ever wondered about the history of the modern calendar? No, nor us.  But here's a random video in place of a boring old picture of a calendar:

The brand new Bearwood What's On calendar is now up and running on our blog so you can keep up to date with the latest activities on offer!

If you'd like to share details of your event with the rest of Bearwood why not send us an email at, with EVENT in the subject line.  We'll pop your event on our calendar and we might contact you to feature in one of our blog posts as well.

So get sharing or get attending - whichever it is, we hope our calendar will keep everyone up-to-date with local activities.

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