Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Snowman @ The REP, Wednesday 8th January 2014

Okay, so given the recent weather we’ve been having perhaps an adaptation of Rain Man may have been more appropriate but full marks to The REP for keeping the Christmas spirit going through the traditionally dreary and depressing month of January.

Unless you’ve been living inside a bauble for the last 30 years or so you’ll know the story of The Snowman inside out. It’s a heart melting (metaphorically and literally at the end) tale of a boy, his snowman and their magical adventures during the festive season. The REP developed this stage version way back in 1993 and it’s been a firm family favourite ever since, here on its home patch and across the world (it even made it all the way to Seoul in 2009!). You can see why. Youngsters will love the costumes, moments of slapstick and, of course, that iconic flying scene, whilst the young at heart will no doubt feel more than the odd twinge of nostalgia at the period of time that this show conjures up...a place that now seems beautifully quaint in this modern online world of twerking, poking, selfies and all that jazz. This is all heightened by keeping the whole thing pretty much a dialogue free zone (just like the animated film it’s based on), relying instead on some simple but effective choreography and music including, of course, Walking In The Air.

The whole cast works together brilliantly, enchanting the audience from start to finish. Special mention must be made of tonight’s ‘Boy’ Joe Sheridan who nailed that wide eyed sense of wonder, Martin Fenton as The Snowman himself and Megan King’s delightful turn as the Magic Box Ballerina (this show’s actually a great introduction to dance for a young audience). Go see’ll melt your heart.

The Snowman is on at The REP until January 18th. Tickets (including matinees suitable for tiny tots and anyone who falls asleep during Deal Or No Deal). 

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