Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hey Mickey!

 Lou Woodward who owns Sapphire Dance Studios (Salop/Hurst Rd) near Warley Woods contacted welovebearwood with some dance-tastic news.

“We are performing at Disneyland Paris in October with 2 of our dance groups aged 4-13 years old. We are desperately looking for sponsors to help us get there as we are creating lots of fundraising events every month to pay for all 20 children.” Wow! Can we come? We’ll carry your suitcases!
The dance studio has already started to collect money by holding a fun run on Sunday 12th Jan but they’ve got a long way to go before they have enough money to fund the trip.  There’s a Valentine Disco arranged for next month but they would love more local support and are asking businesses in Bearwood for help with their sponsorship plea.

 Lou also mentioned that there are spaces available for the Street Dance, Jazz and Saturday Ballet classes at the studio, the Baby Ballet School which is held every Tuesday and the Pointe school of dance which takes place on Monday evenings.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the Disneyland Paris trip or joining the dance classes, please contact Sapphire Dance Studios Ltd on 07454540984 or email them at Their website is right here and Facebook page right here!

P.S. Here's 80's classic 'Hey Mickey!' by Toni Basil...

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