Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Haunted Woods

Warley Woods has so much history that it really is not surprising that it has its own ghosts!

Have you heard about The Grey Lady of Warley Ghost who paid so many visits to the park that in 1822 she was cited in a murder trial? Or how about the Chinese man in oriental dress who is meant to have connections with Warley Abbey and who is rumoured to have stabbed his lover to death in a mad rage of jealousy?  Spooky!

Feeling brave and want to know more? We bet you do! Warley Woods are inviting you to come and explore the woods with your torches and find out about the ghost stories of Warley Woods between 6pm – 7.30pm on Halloween night.

You can pick up your map and story information at the Pavilion, Lightwoods Hill (£1.50 per person) and find your way to the different ghostly locations. Work out the spooky word and be rewarded with a scream-egg. You can grab a hot drink from the Pavilion to calm your nerves too!

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  1. The chinaman didn't stab anyone. He was the victim of an horrific murder