Monday, 28 October 2013

Give A Little Bit!

Ok we'll be the first to admit yesterday wasn't the best of Sundays!  Thanks to those lovely people at Severn Trent Water most of Bearwood was without water for hours.  We were without for roughly 12 hours! H2O dear...

Although at the time it seemed really dire and it was a real inconvenience it did make us stop and think how fortunate we are most of the time.

Chris Gregory recently contacted us about the Kindness event which is taking place on 10th November at ICC. Lots of random acts of kindness are planned on the day, there will be free arts and crafts sessions, music, free sessions from holistic can even pledge your act of kindness on the Birmingham Kindness tree and get a free hug.

Jacqui Land Keaveny had the original idea to bring World Kindness Day to Birmingham and along with Chris and three other business women they're making it their mission to do just that. Chris would love to get people from Bearwood involved in helping to spread kindness around for the benefit of people in our local area too.

Kindness Birmingham is encouraging their visitors to bring along donations to support 3 Birmingham charities: 

  • Chris explained that St Basils charity works with young homeless people in the city and urgently need toiletries.
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital have also requested toiletry items to help them provide emergency parent packs for those who have to stay overnight with their children. The Hospital would also like to receive donations of art and craft supplies to use with the patients.
  • The third charity is the Birmingham Basket Brigade. They would really appreciate non-perishable food items to include in small hampers that they will give out to disadvantaged families at Christmas time.
Chris told us that “We want to scatter kindness, “I’m looking forward to being part of something that is going to support people in need that makes people feel good and is going to be great fun.”

The motto for the inaugural Birmingham event is ‘Kindness costs nothing yet its value is priceless’. It will take place just a few days before World Kindness Day on 13 November.

“Clearly, we recognise that the 10th is also ‘Remembrance Sunday’,” says Jacqui, “and we hope many of those taking part in the service in Centenary Square will come and join us afterwards.” The quote that sums up the selflessness of kindness for Jacqui is Kevin Heath’s: “Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference”.

Kindness Birmingham is a not-for-profit organisation. Financial donations from members of the public and sponsorship from heart-centred companies are therefore welcomed to help fund this groundbreaking event via their website.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there were more acts of kindness?

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