Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tonight in Bearwood!

Ooooh this sounds good....the Silvershine Jazz Club (Corks, Bearwood Road) have got the fantastic Richard Hughes Quartet tonight on the bill. 

Our favourite jazz club told us that "It’s great having a musician like Richard Hughes on our doorstep as you can rely on him to bring something a bit different each time he plays at the Silvershine Jazz Club. This time he brings a more conventional Jazz line up than the Celtic fusion of last time, but it comes with one of the most exciting sax players in the region.

Chris (Beebe) Aldridge’s blistering sax style has earned him CDs issued on general release. When he played at Corks in his own right 2006 he had the likes of Bryan Corbett and Levi French in his band. This time he joins up with Miles Levin (drums), Simon (Smudge) Smith (bass) and, of course, Richard Hughes (piano) to form what is a red hot Jazz line up."

So if you're in Bearwood tonight please do your best to make it.

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