Friday, 23 August 2013

Back to ipad School

This is fantastic news! Marie Bastable has told us that after a very successfu iPad Summer School, that term time sessions are now planned to commence in September.

Marie said "If you have young children and would like somewhere to go once a week why not come along? Small group sessions will be held at The Pavilion, Warley Woods, Bearwood. Individual iPads are provided for the children and the sessions promise to be ENGAGING, EXCITING & EDUCATIONAL."

Here's some great feedback Marie has received from the iPad Summer School

"Thanks for a fun iPad session today. I'm installing one of the apps as I text. Looking forward to next time." H

"Thanks so much for the pictures Marie, that's lovely. It's really nice to have something which I can show daddy as well. We enjoyed the session this morning and look forward to coming again next week." E

"Hi Marie. J really enjoyed the iPad sessions and has told her dad all about it. :) I learnt a few things myself. :). We are both looking forward to next week, thank you." L

For more information, call Marie on 07530 695979 or email her at

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