Friday, 9 August 2013

It Takes Two!

 Kim and Joe performing at this year's Warley Woods Picnic in the Park

Hello Kim and Joe. Thanks to agreeing to an interview with welovebearwood. It's very kind of you. 

Let's begin by asking when you started performing together.

Joe: We've been performing together since 2008. We were in a 5pc alt-rock band, 'Over the Line'.

Kim: It was Joe's band with his friends that I'd joined as a backing singer. We've been performing as a duo since doing an open mic night at the Yardbird in 2011.

Wow!  So h
ow would you describe your sound?
Joe: Fledgling. We haven't got much of an idea of our own sound as yet, it seems to be pretty amorphous at the moment. The one thing for sure is it'll be centred around the strength in Kim's voice.

Kim: We're influenced by so many different genres, we're still finding our own sound. Somewhere in the vein of an angsty Adele.

You've got a little girl now. What impact does that have on your songs? Do you get much time to work on your own songs?

Kim: I've certainly had more inspiration and surges of creativity but with much less time with which to use it.

Joe: I would say, if anything, Evie has raised our own standards.

Your set includes a really good range of different songs. Do you have a favourite song to cover and why?

Joe: Billie Holiday - Summertime, I lifted a pretty nice, finger-picked version a couple of years back and played it out back all summer long.

Kim: For me it has to be the gospel version of The Beatles - Let It Be from the film 'Across the Universe'. Lots of fun runs and top notes for me to play around on. I've still never managed a satisfying performance of it because it is so challenging for me.

We've enjoyed your performance at Warley Woods Picnic in the Park and at the Bearwood Shuffle. What do you think of the live music scene in Bearwood?

Kim: It's brilliant. There are so many different opportunities to see live music at Lightwoods Park, the Woods, all the pub nights, and now Thimblemill Library is putting on live music!

We spotted you in the queue outside the Institute waiting to see Amanda Palmer. Which artist/artistes influence you and what is your favourite album so far of 2013 and why?

Joe: 2013?! I'm still stuck on Alt-J 'An Awesome Wave'. True turn on, tune in and drop out music.

Kim: Likewise. I've gotten as far as Amanda Palmer - 'Theatre is Evil'. 

Amanda Palmer, what a great choice.  We're big fans too! Which direction would you like to take with your music?

Kim: At the moment, we're working on more original material. We eventually want, at least, a complete album worth of original material and for people to want to listen to it.

Joe: Sooner or later we'll stumble across some upbeat material so we won't be half an hour of downer.

You work really well together. Who are your favourite musical duo and why?

Joe: It's got to be PJ  and Duncan for their gritty deconstruction of the system. (Mrs B: Hee! Hee!)

Kim: I'm drawing a blank. All I can think of is the Dresden Dolls but that could just be my obsession with Amanda Palmer again. Their song 'Delilah' is possibly one of my favourite songs...ever.

Brillant!  So what's your connection with Bearwood?

Kim and Joe: It's our hometown!

Yeah! Please tell us your Bearwood All-Star. In other words who, what or where in Bearwood makes you smile?

Kim: I love all the events that are on throughout the year. And all the support we've been able to get since having Evelyn.

Finally we always like to ask everyone this question. What makes Lightwoods Chippy’s chips orange?

Kim: Fake tan they must be reem.

Joe: Haha... I've asked. It's radium.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Joe and Kim for being such good sports and for being a lovely couple too. 

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