Friday, 27 July 2012

How Jamaica great night?

Aston Performing Arts Academy's salute to Usain Bolt

Take some big names and some new ones, stick them all in one of the best symphony halls in the world , add a little West Indian spice and there you go!
Yes, on Wednesday night welovebearwood attended the concert to celebrate 50 years of Jamaican Independence at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.  Wow!  We had a great time.
Jaki Graham got us grinning like loons with Could It Be I’m Falling In Love, Beverley Knight made Many Rivers To Cross her own, Aston Performing Arts Academy danced their socks off (saluting Usain Bolt along the way...nice touch, see the above photo), there were Jamaican tinged arias from soprano Abigail Kelly, gospel from the Birmingham Town Hall Choir...we didn’t sit still in our seats once. 
Oh... and Count Prince Miller appeared on stage too. He took part in the original Jamaican Independence event back in 1962 and he doesn’t look a day older! Speaking of miracles Benjamin Zephaniah should definitely be our next poet laureate – his poem about British and Jamaican culture was just spot on. Of course the biggest cheer of the night came when the Jamaican Olympic Team appeared on stage. We’ll be rooting for them (as well as Team GB of course).
Jamaican Olympic Team on stage

Bearwood played a big part on Wednesday night too with both The Bear and Corks getting a shout out.  We clapped very loudly at those bits. You’ve got to represent your ‘hood...sorry...’wood haven’t you eh?
One of our favourite 80s tunes has always been Pass The Dutchie so we had big smiles on our face when Musical Youth featuring Bearwood’s own Dennis Seaton showed up. Andy Hamilton’s band featuring his sons and friend Vic Evans did Bearwood proud too.  You just melt when your hear Vic sing...get this dude an album deal!
Mark and Graeme Hamilton performing
Photos courtesy of Steve Thorne
P.S. Coming soon welovebearwood’s exclusive interview with Alan Cross who played a big part in Andy Hamilton’s UK music career

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