Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bearwood's Cigar Box Blues!

Welovebearwood fell in love with Chicken Bone John’s cigar box blues when we saw him play at the first Bearwood Shuffle last July.

Not only can Chicken Bone John sing the blues but he makes his own blues guitars!  He makes them from old cigar boxes, petrol cans and bits of wood.  In fact anything that he can get his hands on that would make a suitable guitar.  He even owns one made from a wooden loo seat!

If you would like to learn how to play cigar box blues  or if Sick Sea Steve is one of your heroes, you should get yourself along to Chicken Bone John’s workshop next Saturday 28th July.  The workshop is going to be from 1-4pm at St Gregory’s Church Hall on Wigorn Road in Bearwood. 

It’s only £10 per person and Chicken Bone John tells us that “cigar box guitars will be provided for those who don't have one already. All levels catered for, from absolute beginner upwards.” 

Yeah – that means we can have a go!  See you there!
P.S.  If you fancy a great 'honky tonk' night out get yourselves along to The Maverick, Stourbridge to see Chicken Bone John’s fellow blues artists Blackriver Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson who have come all the way from Finland.

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