Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Bears from the Wood!

Welovebearwood are 100% behind the Bears for Bearwood Campaign and we love Keith Bracey’s idea of a big wooden bear to stand guard at the entrance of Lightwoods Park.

Keith told us where he got his inspiration from...
“For 20 years we holidayed in the East Devon area and my kids grew up saying 'Hello Bears' to the original 3 carved wooden bears (presumably Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear) who lived at the roadside in Newton Poppleford whenever we drove through the village to Sidmouth where we would spend our day on the beach.
 In the evening we would all shout; 'Goodbye Bears' as we drove back to our campsite. As I said originally there were 3 bears. Over the years the number of bears has grown to the family of bruins as you can see in the photo above.”  Aaah...they are so cute!
 The Bear would need to be cost-effective though so Keith has had a brilliant idea...
“As the cost of a statue of a 'Bronze Bear' (or bears) is likely to prove prohibitive, the idea of a group of carved wooden bears, possibly using fallen tree wood from Lightwoods Park or Warley Woods becomes even more attractive as it is kinder to the environment, recycling 'dead' wood into a piece of public art.”
As Keith explained “The Bearwood Bears would then 'do what it says on the tin': they are 'Bears from the Wood'
 Bear...wood, we love it!

P.S.  It's amazing what can be carved out of a piece of wood!

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