Friday, 8 June 2012

Everybody's Shuffling!

Yeah!  Bearwood Promoters have confirmed the new date for Bearwood Shuffle#3 (whoop! whoop! drum roll!)'s going to be on Sunday 24th June 2012.  Make sure that you put that one in your diary! 

Once we have more info, we'll keep you posted with the line-up and what stalls will be there.

P.S. Bearwood Promoters in their wisdom have made alternative plans just in case the weather's bad (when is it going to stop raining??!!) and have arranged that the whole Shuffle (shufflers and all) can relocate to St Mary's Church just off Bearwood High Street instead.

Couldn't resist this's how to do it Shufflers!


  1. I know we're all fed up of moaning about it, but the weather is truly grim. When is it going to get nice and stay nice?!
    Shall miss this as we're on holiday, but I really do hope the weather improves in time for this one.

  2. I know what you mean about the weather - it's rubbish! Fingers crossed the sunshine comes out to stay soon! The Bearwood Promoters team are arranging the music for the Warley Woods picnic in the park event too on Sunday 15th July and the next Bearwood Shuffle will be on Sunday 16th September. Hopefully see you there. x

  3. LOVE the shuffle guidance. Hilarious.

  4. I hope you've been practising! x