Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bear for Bearwood!

Bearwood needs more bears!  If you think about it apart from the bears on the Bear Pub which look onto the High Street their presence is sadly lacking in the wood!

We need more we tell you and that’s why welovebearwood are 100% behind Keith Bracey’s idea for a big bear at the entrance to Lightwoods Park.

Keith told us "I know Sandwell MBC are looking for suggestions for the proposed new gateway to Lightwoods Park.... why can't Bearwood have a bear statue on the corner of Hagley Road and Bearwood Road, where the awful toilets currently are as a gateway symbol to Bearwood?"

"Bearwood is particularly lacking in public art, in fact I can't think of any off the top of my head....I envisage a bear standing on its hind legs welcoming people to Bearwood, much like the fibre-glass statue of King Kong which stood in Manzoni Gardens in Birmingham City Centre in the 70's."

Keith went on to say "If you google 'Birmingham's King Kong Statue' you will see the size and scale of the statue which is similar to that which I am proposing for Bearwood". 

We found this footage which shows King Kong in Birmingham in 1972.

Goldilocks might well be terrified (she lives in Abbey Road don't you know!) but we’re all in favour of the idea. In fact we can’t bear to think of any other option for Bearwood’s gateway.

The campaign starts here!

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