Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Andy Hamilton RIP

Sad news during the weekend about the death of legendary jazz saxophonist Andy Hamilton who played in Bearwood every week for a gazillion years. On top of acting as Errol Flynn's musical arranger, promoting gigs in Birmingham (including giving Steel Pulse an early break), setting up a community music group and recovering from a diabetic coma in 1986 he went on to record his first album at the tender young age of 76, making it the biggest selling jazz release of the year. He continued to play and inspire other musicians right up to the end and is no doubt carrying on in that great gig in the sky. RIP.


  1. He was a good age I suppose, but it's still sad to hear. I had the privilege of seeing him play live, and I have the Silvershine album on vinyl from back in the day. I hope the band will continue on.

  2. Hello Annie. Thank you so much for your comment - Andy Hamilton was definitely a legend. We saw him at Mostly Jazz festival and felt very privileged too. Fingers crossed the Blue Notes continue to perform especially in Bearwood.