Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thimblemill Library takes its place in the history books!

(Photo courtesy of Tony Hisgett)

Thimblemill Library
celebrates its 75th birthday this Friday, 10th February 2012.

Happy Birthday Thimblemill Library – thank you for making Bearwood really proud!

To celebrate, the library’s going to have a fun packed day with a visit from the Lord Mayor, presentations to the youngest and oldest friend of the library, prizes for the best fancy dress book character costume, birthday cake, talks by local historian David Yates and a children’s party. Please look here for more details!

Imagine all the changes that the library has seen over the years. In 1937, Agatha Christie was still considered a relatively new writer, Jilly Cooper (queen of chicklit) was born and Margaret Mitchell was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her novel Gone with the Wind.

The library has undergone some real changes and has even moved location. It was originally on Barclay Road and unfortunately in the 1990’s the library lost all of its original art deco features. I would have loved to have seen them.

Julie McKirdy, Library Supervisor, first joined the library as a “shy 16 year old” in 1978 and has shared some interesting facts about the library with welovebearwood. For instance, did you know that Julie Walters who mentions her early days in Bearwood in her autobiography ‘That’s Another Story’ discovered her love of reading at Thimblemill library?

I didn’t realise how busy Thimblemill Library actually is either and it’s great to see that the library is still going strong! Last year the library was visited over 105,000 times, over 70,000 books were issued, it held over 1200 different activities and currently holds over 11,000 books.

Julie says that she could easily write a book about working at the library. She’s got so many fond memories herself and says that it’s always great to hear all the stories from other people who used to work there. We would love to hear what you think about the library so please get in touch by emailing

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