Wednesday, 1 February 2012

From Bearwood to Scarewood!

If you like things that go bump in the night and are into ghosts and ghouls
then Smethwick Paranormal Investigations need you!

Lynnette Sharratt got in touch to tell us more about the on if you’re brave enough!

“Smethwick Paranormal Investigations was founded in Smethwick over fifteen years ago and we investigate all areas of the country. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by paranormal sites and lots of folklore in and around Bearwood.

The team use a variety of equipment from night vision goggles and cameras to ghost nets and emf meters. But the best tool on any investigation is ourselves; we strive to gather evidence of the paranormal in any form. We have two dedicated historians who work with us and the team comprises of sceptics, believers and everything in between.

We are often called in to investigate private homes and businesses to help people get answers to things going on around them. Plus the team investigate well known locations throughout the year and help fundraise for charities, offer team building days and give talks and demonstrations on what we do.

Last year we were asked if we would represent The Southern paranormal and anomaly research society (SPARS) here in the UK. SPARS is the one of the largest paranormal groups in the United States and we are now the International SPARS team as well.

Over the years the team have investigated many sites including The Station hotel, Dudley Castle, Smethwick swimming centre, Nottingham galleries and Tutbury castle to name some of the more famous ones.

We are always looking for new locations so if you live or work somewhere you believe to be haunted and would like us to investigate then please get in touch.

We have had photo’s we cannot explain, evps and anomalies whilst on site and most of these are posted on out website at

Why not join us on Facebook or twitter to keep up to date.

At the moment we are looking for people who would be willing to share there experiences with anything paranormal from ghosts, UFOs to crypto zoology. We are conducting video interviews to include in our new project. If you are interested then please get in touch.”

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