Friday, 6 January 2012

Pete and greet...

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Former / current member of Dexys (Midnight Runners...I think they’ve dropped this bit now) and all round Bearwood legend Pete Williams has just announced that he’s releasing his debut solo album in February. Hurrah! Dexys were/are of course one of the best British bands of the last 30 years (no arguing...that’s a there) and Pete played a huge role in their early success. HUGE! The disintegration of the band and subsequent drug fuelled meltdown of its troubled leader Kevin Rowland have all been well documented, what’s not so well known perhaps is that Pete’s seemingly been busily crafting an album of his own. And, judging by the couple of tracks that he’s popped up on Soundcloud, it’s going to be pretty darn awesome.

The album’s being launched with a special gig at The Glee Club, Birmingham on 21st February. Tickets here, get in quick.

PS: In other related news I believe there’s a new Dexys album coming out this year (with Pete in the line up)...a mere 27 years after their last masterpiece, the criminally underrated Don’t Stand Me Down. This gives us yet another excuse to post the Bearwood referencing classic What's She if we need an excuse eh? Enjoy.

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