Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hot News Flash! Vote for Bearwood's Boogie Dave!

American Nu Metal band Korn is inviting artists to submit a remix of one of their songs for the chance to be the opening slot at one of their upcoming concerts and Bearwoodian DJ Boogie Dave needs your support!

Under the guise of Ill Mo Natty Boogie Dave & his mate Adamn Noise have remixed Narci...ssistic Cannibal and need YOU to vote for their remix. Please vote and get everyone you know to vote too - your Mum and Dad, all your mates, your boss, your teacher, your gran, your milkman.

It's easy as just clicking on this link but make sure you do it before 17th January 2012! You've got a week now Bearwood so please don't let Boogie Dave down. He's already got my vote!


  1. Could we hear both versions so as to decide whether Boogie Dave's is any good?

  2. greetings Andrew. If you'd like to hear the original version get y'self onto youtube and just type KORN...you'll see plenty of links to narcissistic cannibal. Click the oficial HD version.......

    And thanks to Mrs B for putting this post up. Much appreciated, m'lady xx