Thursday, 19 January 2012

Jak Collier’s ‘Life and Soul of Bearwood’

I just discovered these videos about Bearwood on good old You Tube. The videos are from 2010 when Jak Collier produced the documentary for his college work and they’re just brillant. Thanks Jak!

Jak tells us about old Bearwood and brings us right up to date (well 2010 anyway!). His conversation with local historian David Yates is just fascinating. I would love to know where he got all the black and white photos from.

Obviously when the documentary was made, the changes to Lightwoods Park were still in the pipeline and it just show how much the park has moved on in a really short amount of time.

Did you know that Bearwood had a Cinema King, trams used to go up and down Bearwood High Street and Bearwood had different licensing laws? I know I didn’t!

Jak had to put the videos on youtube as 4 different parts so please watch all of it –it’s definitely worth it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. Thank you ever so much for this nice mention on my documentary. I got the old black and white photos from David himself, there was so many to choose from some fabulous photo's he has down there. I plan to make a new documentary focusing on Lightwoods Park and its change, I hope (when its finished) to go into Lightwoods House and show viewers around

  2. Thanks for your comment Jak. We all love your documentary.

    Good luck with your new film and please let us know when it's finished as we would love to post about it on the blog. It's going to be great to actually see inside Lightwoods House.

    Take care

    Mrs B x