Sunday, 3 April 2011

There There My Dear...

So I'm guessing that most people who read this blogsite will know that Dexy's Midnight Runners used to hang out at the Little Nibble cafe on Bearwood Rd (sadly no longer the Little Nibble but a fast food chicken type place) and that it features in a This is What She Likes on the Don't Stand Me Down album.

So Bearwood does have a musical heritage.

Throw in that Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame, lived in Bearwood, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others played at Thimblemill Baths, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and scores of others played at the Bear, Middletons Record Shop, probably the best jazz shop in the Midlands, was on Three Shires Oak Rd and our little suburb suddenly has a really rich musical history. Oh and of course Dennis Seaton, Ranking Roger, Andy Hamilton all live and play in Bearwood!

A group of us want to bring back more live music to Bearwood to complement the great Bearwood Jazz nights at the Corks so we've got together and formed a new organisation - Bearwood Promoters.

We will be putting on quality bands from Birmingham and the surrounding areas, think Goodnight Lenin, Misty's Big Adventure, The Destroyers, The Heels and so on and pairing them with up and coming local bands.

The group are committed to bringing live music back to Bearwood. We all passionately believe that there will be a demand and an audience for live music and that you don't have to travel to town or Moseley/Kings Heath for a good night out! Why spend £20 on taxis!!

I used to own Atticus and part of me getting involved is the number of people who stop me and talk about how much they loved Atticus and how sad they are that it no longer exists, so I do know that there is a sizeable group of people who, like me, would love to have great music on their doorstep again.

Over the next few weeks we'll start giving out more details about the gigs, dates, venues acts playing, so please let us know if you support this venture, or want to get involved, let us know what types of music you like and would like to see play in Bearwood.

Speak soon...


  1. Good luck Jez. If an old furniture store in Erdington can become he centre of the musical universe... why not Bearwood?

    I once dried my underwear at the Hagley Road laundrette while Kevin Rowland was hanging around for his own gear to dry during Dexy's gypsy rock period.

  2. Brilliant! Perhaps we should write up your launderette experience on the 'local history' page Bob! :)