Thursday, 7 April 2011

Follow The Bear!

When I was a kid one of my favourite adverts was for Hofmeister beer. No, don’t worry I wasn’t early drinker (I don’t think I’ve even tasted the beer) but the advert was - and still is - a classic!

A bit of a tenuous link this one but in the 1980s when the ad was on our TVs the Bear Pub was a cool place to hang out. Comedy nights run by the then unknown Chris Collins, who went on to become a huge star as Frank Skinner, were really popular and the pub was always busy.

Over the years it went a bit ‘pete tong’ and The Bear got a bad reputation as somewhere to go if you wanted a fight...not just a pint. Thankfully this has all changed. The pub’s recently gone through a huge refurbishment and seems to be turning over a new leaf. The Bear serves great ale, is very cheap (£6 for 3 pints of cider – I know!) and is keen to get a new name for itself.

So, if you follow that Bear down to the Bear Pub hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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