Monday, 28 February 2011

Joe & Charlie' Music stuff

So here's the main stuff me and Joe have done just so you guys have some sort of idea of what we do.

This is Joe's main band - over the line

My main band - purplephish

We have both been involved in a project called over the top which is confusing to describe fully, but put simply I (charlie) and another friend from bearwood, Alex, have written some ridiculously epic music, and we also played at warley woods last year :D

I have also been in a kind of jam band, but we couldn't think of a good name for it, but we are working on it.

And finally, this may come as a surprise, but I, a drummer, have written my own music, its kind of random though and so far each song seems to be a different genre.

so thats our main bands we've been involved in, and i hope that who ever has a listen enjoys it.

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  1. nice one, thanks for posting! You guys are pretty busy, huh? I'll add the links to our list of bands so they don't get forgotten.