Sunday, 20 February 2011


I'm called Sally Taylor.  I live in Herbert Road, Bearwood and I really like Bearwood and this is my first post.  I'm a bit nervous and trying to work out why I'm writing this, so perhaps I'll start by listing my reasons:

... I had this idea in the autumn that a wiki would be a good place to share ideas and information about Bearwood.  But the layout and formatting is so crap and boring and really not that user friendly that I haven't felt inclined to do much with it. So I thought maybe a blog would be better, more familiar.

... I've met some really nice people recently who are also interested in contributing to a blog and to use it as a way to discuss our thoughts and ideas for Bearwood.  Why not just have a go then, I thought.

... I've set up a few testers - on posterous, wordpress and this. This, blogger, seems to be the most versatile and aesthetically inoffensive, to me anyway.

... I'd quite like to reflect on what's happening in the bearhood at the moment.  Residents' Associations are being set up, Lightwoods Park will soon undergo a transformation and loads of local people are getting behind it and committing to being involved in its future. There's a revived Trader's Association and plans for 'Bearwood in Bloom'.  A blog that can be updated helps reflection and comment, more so than a wiki.

Why is it called 'welovebearwood' not 'ilovebearwood'?

... Because I'm not the only one who loves Bearwood.  I've met so many people over the last few months who love Bearwood and want to contribute to making it even better.

... Because I thought that maybe there might be a few others out there who might wish to contribute to a celebratory blog, an ideas generator, a collaborative space.  Lord knows I'm not particularly interesting to read about.  But Bearwood is and other authors will be.  That's why this is an invitation of sorts, to be 'we' not 'I'.

So if anyone is interested in posting on here there are loads of conversations we could start about stuff round here - 
... the Park and House and getting more people involved in its future... reducing the litter on the high street... building support for more live music in Bearwood... improving the high street... I've heard that a few neighbours have been discussing the potential for a deli and bakery.  pie in the sky? why?  they're doing it in Stirchley, why not here? 

Let's see...


  1. Excellent! Thanks for setting this up Sally. Agree that it's a lot more user friendly than the wiki.

  2. I'm so glad to see this Sally. I read so much about the neighbourhoods around Moseley, Kings Heath and Stirchley, and poor Bearwood gets left out. Its a lovely place to live, and there are lovely people all around the place.
    Some of the Bearwood locals from Twitter get together occasionally for a Bearbeers evening, just for a few drinks and a chat. Its really an open event, but I've met some really good friends through that.
    Good luck with the website.

  3. cheers Dom! Now I need to know how to find you on Twitter (I'm a novice). and perhaps welovebearwood needs a twitter account...

  4. looking great Sally - hope it takes off x