Saturday, 26 February 2011

Good music coming to a Bearwood venue near you!

Do you wish sometimes you could just wander down Bearwood High Street of a night to see a really good local band play, meet up with some other locals and enjoy a pint or two?  

Well, this kind of night might be on its way in early July.  A group of Bearwooders got together last week to see what ideas we could come up with.  Our plans so far are listed on the 'Bearwood Gigs' page on this blog (see tabs above), have a look and let us know what you think.

Here's a list of bands we thought might be cool to approach, to see if they'd be interested.
Thanks to Daron for additional suggestions and Swanny for highlighting bands (in red) that might be good as headliners.  ANY VIEWS?  Please comment!

Goodnight Lenin
Boat To Row
The Young Runaways
The Toy Hearts (Bluegrass)

Tara Chinn
Dan Whitehouse

Laura Bowen
Arcadian Kicks
I Thee Lothario
Black Market Empire
Little L
10 Guitars
Poppy and the Jezebels
Vix n'the Kix

Misty's Big Adventure
Kate Goes
The Courtesy Group
The Destroyers
Tom Peel
The Au Pairs...would be great to get them to reform...
Victories at Sea

Spoken Word
Jodi Anne Bickley
Polar Bear
Leon Burke
Matt Windle
Kim Trusty

The Black and Reds
Old School Tie
Das Bastard
Beestung Lips


Other Stuff (that Sally doesn't know which genre it fits in)

Fever Fever
Mighty Mighty
The Lights
The Destroyers
Lydia Glanville

Joe and Charlie's stuff
Joe's main band - over the line
Charlie's main band - purplephish
Project called over the top - "ridiculously epic"
Charlie's jam band
Charlie's own stuff -

More suggestions?
Comment with some Links for us to add to this post.

Want to get involved?
We need people to help with various things - comment below or email us at!

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  1. Hi i live local to bearwood and would love to get my band involved and bands from other areas of the midlands i know of. I would love to get links to the music scene around here. I will email you.