Monday, 20 April 2015

Decorate The Bears

Ohh err missus... there are 2 naked bears currently in residence at Thimblemill Library which need to be decorated.

The 2 bears are playing an important part in the start of Bear Trail which sees We Are Bearwood (check out their great website right here!), 30 local community groups and fellow Bearwoodians joining together. 

Following their successful bid for a lottery grant We Are Bearwood explained that  “we will create 30 wooden, three dimensional bears that stand 1 metre tall. We will ask schools, toddler groups, faith groups, local history groups, exercise groups, residential care homes and local businesses to each decorate a wooden bear. They can paint hand prints on it, stick pictures of bygone Bearwood on it, dress their bear in clothes or decorate in any way they choose to express their identity or relationship with Bearwood. We will then hide the bears on a trail around Bearwood and create a map for people to follow and find the bears. Each bear will also be given a necklace with a historical fact about Bearwood written on the pendant."

You'll be able to play your part in dressing the bears this coming Saturday, then during the afternoons of Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th April. 

It's a FREE event for all budding young (5+) artists out there.

PS.  Watch out for more news about the smaller 'cub' versions of the bears and for the Bear Trail map coming soon!

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