Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Walk In The Park!

Had a hard day at the office, need a break from the kids and want to make the most of the beautiful summer evenings?  Warley Woods need you!

The park is patrolled most evenings and is looking for new volunteer recruits to cover Monday, Friday and Sunday nights. 

Viv Cole, Warley Woods Community Trust Manager, explained to welovebearwood that “what the patrols do is simple, but very special – volunteers go out in pairs, just to walk and be seen and to answer questions about the park, the Trust or pass on information back to us in the office.  You don’t have to be an expert on these things, just open to chatting to people in the park and we’d send you out with one of our regular patrol groups for a while in any case, so you get the feel for how it works.

This would be a lovely volunteering activity for people who walk (or want to walk) regularly.  It doesn’t have to be every week - as life happens, and it rains - but every time you can it's a bonus.  It's great if you can volunteer as a pair or trio, as it makes it nice for you to walk with a friend and you can easily communicate about the nights you can and can’t do – but if it's just you then we’ll do our best to pair you with another volunteer (we never want you to walk alone).”

If this sounds like a walk in the park, please contact Warley Woods Community Trust Office for more details. Tel: 0121 420 1061 Email:  

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