Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jubilant Julie

The BAFTAs are on our TV screens tonight and Bearwood's very own Julie Walters has been awarded the Academy's highest honour, a Fellowship for her outstanding contribution to film and television.

Amanda Berry who is the Chief Executive of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts said 
"Julie Walters is one of the most talented individuals to grace our screens. She has the innate ability to draw the viewer in across any genre, captivating and entertaining with every performance."

Well done Julie, we're so pleased for you


  1. There is another local connection to the BAFTA's.....the 'British Academy of Film and Television Arts' was founded by local Birmingham Grammar School boy Sir Michael Balcon, who attended George Dixon Grammar School for Boys from 1906 when the school opened until 1912 when his father a Jewish Tailor from Summer Lane in Aston, fell ill and could no longer afford to send the young Michael to George Dixon Grammar

    Balcon went on as head of the Ealing Studios to make such British comedy classics as 'Kind Hearts and Coronets'' 'The Ladykillers', 'The Lavender Hill Mob', 'Whiskey Galore' and 'Passport to Pimlico' which he used to show to the Film Club at this old school in the 1950's to gauge a general audience reaction.

    Balcon's most durable character PC George Dixon, named after his old school was first seen in the 1949 Ealing Film: 'The Blue Lamp' where PC Dixon is shot dead by a young East End hoodlum played by Dirk Bogarde (remember him?)

    PC George Dixon was miraculously reincarnated for the first black and white TV 'Police Procedural'.....'Dixon of Dock Green' where a young PC Dixon pounds a tough Docklands East End beat

    This programme ran from 1952 until 1976 as a staple of the BBC's Saturday night schedules, until Jack Warner, who played the by then Sergeant Dixon became too old to convincingly play a beat copper.

    PC George Dixon's cheery Saturday evening greeting: 'Evenin' All' has gone down in TV folklore.....fascinating Birmingham film and TV history

  2. Fascinating stuff Keith, I had no idea. Thank you. :)

    1. No problem Mrs B......initially I thought you were my wife admonishing me for being long-winded as usual as she is also Mrs B......however on second thoughts she won't even be my friend on Facebook because I am forever banging on about Birmingham and the Black you can't possibly be one and the same the way I saw you and Daron,creep in at the back at the Smethwick Local History talk by Dr Chris Upton on the Peaky Blinders......I threatened to take over that too with my comments.......Will I never learn to hold my counsel.......just be glad you're not married to me..........!!!!!! Best wishes Keith Bracey X PS Wasn't the Bearwood Festival fab? It's a pity we will lose all the momentum gained over the last couple of years as we won't be able to hold it for the next couple of years with the park and house being restored to former glories.....pity we can't move the Bearwood Festival up to Warley Woods for the next two years to build on the last two years success......just a the way as well.....Richard Marshall is standing for Labour against me in Bristnall Ward on Sandwell Council.....I am standing for the Green Party......all the best Mr B