Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sunday Samba Sounds

Samba Lounge

Last weekend the first Sunday Acoustic Session took place at Samba Lounge.  

Amelia Wallace told us what a wonderful time everybody had......

I didn’t see any budding Brazilian dancers; however, being at a place evidently named after a Brazilian dance, you’ve probably never been anywhere that has felt more homely.  

Amelia Wallace

The door of the Samba was wide open; people of all different ages and tastes stepped in with an energetic curiosity and eagerly placed themselves around the stage. 

Surrounded by the vintage-looking furniture and the bar at arm’s reach, the audience was captivated...the show hadn’t even begun yet!

Myself, (Amelia) opened up the afternoon with an assortment of different songs and covers of artists from the Foo Fighters to Amy Macdonald. I loved performing at the Samba, everyone was utterly chilled and were a pleasure to sing to.

My quieter set was harmoniously contrasted with the band Mr Apollo whose genre was an intriguing blend of folk, blues, and indie infused with the perfect amount of Rock ’n’ RollEvery single member of the band had an abundance of raw talent and passion for performing. Had you ever seen a group of people play so many different instruments so flawlessly? No, me neither.

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but I think that Paul’s hat is well cool!

Mr Apollo

By the time that headliner Esther Turner had started playing, the Sun - peaking through the front window and open doors of the Samba lounge - had grown and had started listening intently at the cool, enchanting vibe of the music being played there. 

The audience had their drinks and their ice creams and were bobbing away in unison (let’s just say that the Samba was a little bit too cosy for head banging) to ‘Happy’ being covered by Esther. Esther’s set was performed with thrilling energy and had everyone singing along, even my Nan!

Esther Turner

In particular, a few members of the audience made this afternoon really great; they were full on dancing and singing and being so friendly to everyone.

Sunday Samba Sounds

This Sunday afternoon brought a rare but quality experience for all involved and could not have run so immaculately without Paul Miller: a member of the awesome ‘Mr Apollo’. 

Without hesitation, another event similar to this one was organised almost immediately after it's success! The next event is at the Samba on the 11th May. 

Maybe next time you can come up and do some of that Brazilian dancing you've always wanted to do!

P.S. You can read welovebearwood’s interview with Amelia (right here!)

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  1. WELL DONE to all involved... first time I've been to the Samba Bar (and it won't be the last) .. a good mix of people in the audience and all very friendly, unusual these days to see 3 artistes FOR FREE !! , ALL 3 were excellent, especially Amelia ,(my Niece... so Yes I'm biased).... Hopefully made a couple of new friends too So can't be bad !! Look forward to the next one and I'll be bringing more people to also enjoy the show.. :) Gino