Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Put Your Drinking Cap On!

Photo Credit: Bearwood Blog

Great news!  Bearwood’s Real Ale Pub is due to open in July.  Black Country Ales need your help first though!

Angus, one of the directors, mentioned to welovebearwood that they are on the lookout for landlords to run the pub and would love it to be a couple who are keen fans of real ales.  What an opportunity!  If you’ve always yearned to run your own pub, chat to your punters from behind the bar or want to serve real ale this could be the job for you.  For more details, please contact Angus at angus@blackcountryales.co.uk

We’re sure you’ve seen it already on Bob Piper’s brilliant Bearwood Blog but the brewery are also asking for suggestions for a suitable name for the pub.  There’s a free barrel of beer (which works out at 72 pints!  Wow!) for the person who comes up with the best name.  There’s been some great ones already and we particularly like ‘Bankers Draught’, ‘The Barrel of Bear’, ‘The Three Shires’ and ‘Hail for Ale’ but if you can think of a better one send your entry to Black Country Ales Facebook Page (right here!) or to martin@blackcountryales.co.uk.  The deadline is 1st June so put your drinking cap on.

If you can’t wait for the opening date in July, Black Country Ales will be selling their real ales at this Bank Holiday Monday’s Lightwoods Park May Day Event.  We fancy a pint of Pig On The Wall.

Angus explained that “we are greatly looking forward to opening the pub and also to getting involved in Bearwood life.”  Us too!


  1. The ale room...????

  2. Nice one Nat! Make sure you get your entry in ASAP, well worth it for the chance to win a barrel of beer.