Monday, 19 March 2012

Walk the Woods!

All last week I worryingly watched Midlands Today to see what the weather forecast was going to be like for Saturday. Heavy showers seemed to be the order of the day...enough rain to stop the drought (in this country!) said Shefali. Jeez, you just got to love our English weather.

Anyway come Saturday someone was definitely looking out for Mrs B. The sun was out and the temperature just right...not too hot and not too cold!

Doing my best to dress in green for St Patrick Day’s I got myself up to Warley Woods Pavilions and was happy to see lots of people ready for the walk.

Although I was walking round the woods on my own I got talking to a very friendly bunch of fellow Bearwoodians and in the end we did the full 10 miles together. Now that’s Bearwood community spirit for you!

The course was just over a mile (1.05 miles in fact!) down the drive then up to the wilderness, round the golf course and then through the meadow. My worst bit was definitely walking back up the meadow!

Yes , my feet did hurt and my toes did get squashed in my very attractive (not!) walking boots but I couldn’t have asked for a better 3 hours walking round the woods. The runners made it to Tipperary whilst I was doing lap 5 but in the end we collectively walked 500 miles. So that’s like making the long way to Tipperary and then almost back again, we ended up near Stourbridge (I think!) just short of 20 miles away from Bearwood! It definitely is a long way to Tipper-warley!

P.S. A very BIG thank you to everyone who sponsored me - I raised over £300 for Warley Woods!

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